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2024 LAYBS Baseball Evaluations Schedule

By LAYBS, 01/02/24, 2:15PM PST


We will be holding our 2024 Spring evaluations on Saturday January 6 and Sunday January 7. Please arrive for your scheduled time at least 10-15 minutes earlier to allow for check in and warm ups. All players are recommended to dress in full baseball practice attire including hat, pants, cleats as the evaluation will take place on the baseball field. Players should bring a glove, bat (if you have your own) and a batting helmet to complete their evaluation. 

Evaluations are a way to help our coaches to form teams once we start the draft process. All players evaluating will be placed on a team but please be aware that just because you signed up for a specific division that does not guarantee your placement in that division. Player evaluations will focus on catching fly balls, throwing, fielding ground balls, hitting and running. 

The evaluation schedule will be done by the first initial of your last name and players age. As a reminder, your player's age is the age of your player on April 30 which may differ from the age of your child on evaluation day. 

EXAMPLE: Nolan's birthday is March 25th when he turns 12 years old. Nolan is currently 11 years old but his baseball playing age and evaluation age would be 12 since he will be 12 on April 30

EXAMPLE: Jake's birthday is November 20 when he turns 11 years old. Jake is currently 10 years old and his baseball playing age and evaluation age would remain 10 years old since he will still be 10 years old on April 30

Players signed up for Rookie who are 5 and 6 years old do not need to evaluate. If you are 6 or 7 years old and signed up for Single A or AA you need to complete the evaluation process. 

Evaluations Schedule:

Saturday January 6

Field 1

12 year olds:

A-M- 9:00

N-Z -10:00

11 year olds: 

A-L -10:50

M-Z -12:00

10 year olds: 

A-G -1:15 

H-P -2:30

Q-Z -3:30

Field 2 

9 year olds 

A-E -8:30

F-K -9:40

L-P -10:50

Q-Z -12:00

8 year olds and 7 year olds evaluating for AA:

A-H -1:00

I-R -2:10

S-Z -3:20 

Only 7 year olds signed up for and evaluating for AA will attend the 8 year old time slots on Saturday. 

Sunday January 7 :

Field 2 

6 and 7 year olds evaluating for Single A 

A-G -10:30

H-M -11:45

N-Z -1:00

6 year olds signed up for Rookie do not need to attend evaluations.